Above the Commodity Line

The software required to make a sophisticated consumer electronic device like a TV or a mobile phone, is significant.

The lines of code in an operating system or virtualised environment is in the multi millions (Linux is around 6 million lines of code).  The lines of code in a set of base services on top of that, say email, SMS, MMS, or VOD services is equally significant.

These are complex, demanding and expensive systems.  And you know what?  Users care more about the way their device looks, feels, presents and handles.

Its the stuff that the consumer interacts with that is important.  To the user that is.

That is not to say that the stuff under the hood is unimportant.  Quite the contrary, it is vital.  The consumer doesn’t see it though.  It is difficult to understand and impossible for the consumer to value.

The user interface is the single most important factor driving sales of devices and services.  Just look at the iPhone if you don’t believe me.  The user interface is critical, cannot be taken for granted, cannot be side stepped and cannot be skimped over.

Apr, 16, 2009