Full Circle – MID (aka UMPC) Again

Its been a long time between watering holes, as they say.  And a very busy time for us.  We’ve come back to Mobile Internet Devices.

FST announced support for Intel’s new Atom processor last night:


As the only UI Innovator (their term,  but I don’t mind) in the MID ecosystem we enjoy the attention of the companies really wanting to create something different.

The MID stands to be a new way of working with our surroundings and each other.  I’m sure you have all seen the video:


There is still a lot of stuff to work out, much of it infrastructure – by which I mean connectivity, services, fees, awareness and education, just to name a few, but its a step in the right direction.  A far cry from the first Ericsson seminar I went to where they talked about “Always On”, the marketing term for GPRS.

The user interface, of course, is one of the most crucial aspects.  Its not about looking good, although that always helps, but its about being easy to use, providing visual cues, and being responsive.

For us this is the start of an exciting time.  With Intel getting more and more into the traditional embedded space, there will be a lot of competition, but also a lot of opening up of what has traditionally been closed markets for software vendors.  Intel is like the proverbial Bull in the China Shop and will eventually level out the field somewhat.

As long as people are paying attention to the user interface on these kinds of devices we at FST are happy.  Thanks Intel.

Aug, 21, 2008