See Us At IBC 2015

Please visit us at IBC this September in Amsterdam. We are exhibiting our advanced EPG designs and engine with ST Micro on their Monaco Chipset.

Sep, 04, 2015



Why Web Apps Are Slow

Drew Crawford recently wrote an excellent technical article on why web apps are slow, you can read it here: It looks closely at JavaScript but is relevant to all managed programming languages (scripting). It also touches on why Lua is faster than JavaScript. The principles apply to developing for any kind of embedded environment, such […] Read more

Jul, 11, 2013


Ready, Steady, HTML5, Go! (or How I Used HTML5 to Build My TV and Survived)

Where do I start from? That is the question that user interface developers should be asking themselves when starting a new project. JavaScript is a good place to start. I have previously claimed that JavaScript will be used to develop the next generation of consumer electronics applications. But JavaScript is just a programming language. It […] Read more

Jul, 24, 2012


Should I Hire a Web Developer To Code My TV Software?

JavaScript really is the 2nd ubiquitous programming language (the first is C).  It is found in web pages, mobile phones and now on TVs and Set Top Boxes.  This is not a judgement call on whether or not JavaScript is, or is not, a good programming language (or in fact whether C is or is not a good […] Read more

Apr, 05, 2012


WebGL: There’s No Turning Back

In Andy Grove’s book, “Only the Paranoid Survive”, he discusses what he calls strategic inflection points.  A strategic inflection points, he says, is a point in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change. That change can mean an opportunity to rise to new heights. But it may just as likely […] Read more

Dec, 21, 2010


Above the Commodity Line

The software required to make a sophisticated consumer electronic device like a TV or a mobile phone, is significant. The lines of code in an operating system or virtualised environment is in the multi millions (Linux is around 6 million lines of code).  The lines of code in a set of base services on top […] Read more

Apr, 16, 2009


Different But The Same Is Familiar

One of the first projects we did for a large multinational in 2001 was the porting and customisation of open source applications for a new concept Linux PDA.  This PDA was way ahead of its time, with Bluetooth, WiFi, landscape mode view, email and browser.  It predated the Nokia 770 by 1/2 dozen years easily. […] Read more

Mar, 15, 2009


Product Differentiation is not MarketSpeak

I recently returned from a trip to Taiwan and Japan.  This trip followed up on our announcement with Intel at their SFO IDF. I visited new customers and old ones and the message is the same.  They want to look different, they want to be in control of their own products, they want to have […] Read more

Sep, 22, 2008


Symbian Thinks It Maybe Knows What Its Doing

Recently Nigel Clifford, Symbian CEO Nokia employee, had a few words to say about Linux in the mobile phone space.  Its quite funny to read about the benefits of open source and the evils of industry fragmentation from one who epitomised the proprietary closed source solution until (checks watch) recently. The thing is, though, I’m […] Read more

Sep, 22, 2008


Full Circle – MID (aka UMPC) Again

Its been a long time between watering holes, as they say.  And a very busy time for us.  We’ve come back to Mobile Internet Devices. FST announced support for Intel’s new Atom processor last night: As the only UI Innovator (their term,  but I don’t mind) in the MID ecosystem we enjoy the attention […] Read more

Aug, 21, 2008


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