Introducing Seed™

Seed is a fresh, modern user interface design for TV and Set Top Box. Together with cutting edge applications, Seed brings a new, easy to use, state of the art look to TV.
Seed is made up of a user interface design and turnkey applications, all of which may be licensed, customized and extened.

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Seed User Interface

The Seed Presentation Layer, or Graphical User Interface, offers a fresh, new, crisp look to the TV. With clean-cut lines it is designed to be simple to use for the majority of consumers, appealing to mass market Set Top Boxes and TVs. The eye of the user is drawn to the focused element and enough, but not too much, information is presented.

The Seed Presentation Layer is suitable for a wide range of Set Top Box and TV chipsets including those with and without a GPU. The Seed interaction model is designed to work with common D-Pad style remote controls and may be adapted to other interaction models such as gesture.

Features of the Seed Presentation Layer are:

  • A modern look and feel with a clean typeface
  • Simple, easily understandable, design and layout
  • Logical organization of media and easy search capability
  • Familiar layout with enhanced metadata
  • Intelligent separation of Home Media
  • Automatic aggregation of home network content
  • Smooth transitions and snappy response
  • Designed for common remote controls, minimal button presses required for user interaction: up, down, left, right and enter
  • A video playing behind the menu system and media browser
  • The design may be used on high end and low end hardware, OpenGL/ES is not required

Seed Photo and Video Browser

The Seed Photo and Video Browser is a complete turnkey photo and video browsing solution for Set Top Box and TV environments. It is designed as Home Media browsing solution for mixed home movies and photos, presenting a unique and exciting viewing experience for the family.
Features of the Seed Photo Browser include:
  • DLNA, USB, HDD support
  • Dynamic photo slideshow transitions
  • Mixed media, photo and video content together
  • Intelligent sorting and displaying of albums
  • Easy to use navigation system for common remote controls
  • The fresh, dynamic Seed™ user interface

License the Seed Photo and Video Browser

The Seed Photo Browser is a turnkey home media photo and video browsing solution.

Seed Menu System

The Seed Menu System is a standalone application that implements the Seed user interface design and may be used to launch applications and control user interaction.
Features of the Seed Menu System include:
  • Crisp modern Seed presentation
  • Suitable for systems with and without GPU
  • Works with common D-Pad remote controls and may be adapted to other interaction models such as gesture

Seed Technical Requirements

The Seed Menu System, Photo and Video Browser are developed with Fluffy Spider Technologies' FancyPants framework. Supported runtime environments include Linux and Android. Supported chipsets include Sigma Designs, ViXS, ST, AMLogic, Entropic, Huawei, AMD.
The Seed design works with and without OpenGL/ES.