Join the Fluffy Spider Technologies team for an exclusive breakfast roundtable discussion to explore the topics that are driving the relationship between technology and delivering better health outcomes in Australia today.

For our inaugural Australian Health Tech Breakfast, we have curated the following topics for the group to provide valuable insights and have their questions on these topics answered.

Snapshot of the current state of Australia’s Digital health infrastructure

  • Federal infrastructure vs state infrastructure
  • Government infrastructure vs private infrastructure
  • A review of My Health Record
  • Is Australian digital healthcare future ready?

How healthcare tech is leaping regulatory hurdles 

  • How has Covid-19 caused  start-ups to target the healthcare sector through creative disruption
  • How new technology helps deliver a better experience to patients 
  • Does healthcare regulation need to catch up with today’s technology?
  • How can Australian regulatory authorities be at the forefront on healthcare technology adoption?

    Who really owns our healthcare data? 

    • Should clinical data be made more accessible?
    • Potential risks for healthcare providers sharing their data
    • Steps for patients to take charge of their own health data 
    • The risks of allowing patients to completely own their healthcare data

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