SYDNEY, NSW, Australia – August 5, 2020: Sydney’s Fluffy Spider Technologies has appointed Pascal Jacquemart as Chief Technology Officer to bolster the business’s focus on providing cutting-edge custom software solutions to the healthcare industry worldwide.

Pascal joined the organisation as a Senior Software Engineer with an extensive background in the technology sphere, whereby he held roles in software engineering, developing and integrating in the IT and electronics sectors. 

The CTO appointment fortifies FST’s leadership bench and enables the organisation to forge through frontiers in the MedTech and Healthcare sectors.

CEO, Robi Karp, elaborated on the new CTO’s objectives, “He will be responsible for  identifying the latest innovation and trends in the medical and healthcare sectors. He will help develop and position FST’s offerings to be in line with the industry’s curvature. Pascal will also be tasked with helping generate more value for our existing customers as well as assisting the business in expanding its customer base.”

Pascal also shared what it was that made Fluffy Spider such an exciting prospect for himself and the market. “First of all, we have a great team. Also, we rely heavily on Open Source software. It means we have all cards in hand to make a difference and bring IT skills where they matter most. Fluffy Spider is a true technology enabler.”

Regarding the organisation’s future roadmap, the inbound CTO stated, “We have great plans for the coming years. We need to keep on delivering good work and we have very important milestones to deliver in the coming months. We want to take on more projects, strongly focusing on Healthcare as well as planning to develop our own offerings.”

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