This document specifies the FancyPants JavaScript API, it enables developers to use JavaScript language to gain full access to the FancyPants SDK, which consist of a graphics engine and UI development framework, based on high performance software libraries developed in the C programming language. The JavaScript language is well adopted and has a wide user-base of application developers.

During development of the FancyPants JavaScript API, a number of popular JavaScript frameworks were reviewed including YUI, jQuery and GoogleMaps. The API defined in this document aims to have similarities with the well known frameworks, whilst maintaining consistency with the existing FancyPants API, which is intuitive and mature.

In addition to the API specification, this document includes an example application demonstrating use of the FancyPants JavaScript API.


This document specifies the classes, events and methods comprising the FancyPants JavaScript API. The API is intended to support standalone applications and applications running within a web browser environment.

Intended Audience

Readers of this document include FancyPants developers and managers at Fluffy Spider Technologies and Fluffy Spider Technologies’ customers.


This document is for v3.6.1 of the FancyPants JavaScript API.

Table Of Contents

Document Sections

This document is divided into the following sections:

The topics in each section are listed below.

Global Functions

Class Definitions


Example Application Code

Notes About Formatting

Where possible consise tables are used to present information, for example:

Property Name Type Description
textEffect string Please refere to Constants section for a list of text effects.
style string Please refere to Constants section for a list of text styles. The values aren't limited to the list of constant. They retrieve the properties from the table located in the metrics file of the current theme name font_[the string]

When the information does not fit into a table the following, equivalent, formatting is used, for example:

Method Name add
Input Parameters
obj: FpObject, x: int, y: int

x & y are optional parameters, indicating the offset of into the container object where the child should be added.

Method Name add
Input Parameters
obj: FpObject,
    x: int,
    y: int,

Same as add(obj, x, y) above). The x & y parameters are optional in this method also.

Method Name remove
Input Parameters

obj: FpObject

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