FST has an extensive network of partners
covering the whole value chain in the
healthcare and device markets.

This ensures that our products are fully compliant towards market-leading
operating systems, technology standards, compliance and security standards
and hardware and software platforms. This means we can integrate your devices
and sensors, no matter if they communicate via USB, serial, Bluetooth, NFC or
something else, to eMR systems whether they talk FHIR, HL7 or some other
protocol, and ensure HIPAA compliance.

25+ Year

FST has a 25 year history of
working closely with chipset
providers, device manufacturers
and service providers to create
state-of-the-art software solutions.

300M+ Devices

Our software is embedded
in over 300 million devices

Our Philosophy

We are fiercely driven software
engineers and designers, experienced
in making a difference to your
company. We are passionate about
applying smart technology to deliver
healthcare solutions and committed to
helping you offer high quality software
to your customers.

We believe that:

Smart software makes
everything possible.
Rather than setting limits,
create visions

Enjoy what you do.
Projects should be fun,
passion fuels quality

A structured
workflow improves creativity

Fluffy Spider Technologies is all about
encouraging our team to create extraordinary
solutions paired with a humble approach
towards our customers and partners.

While staying at the forefront of technical innovation will always be a
cornerstone of FST, it will be balanced with the ambition to be your most
reliable business partner.

Meet the Team

Robi Karp

Chief Executive Officer

Anup Nidhanee

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Boric

Marketing Coordinator

Leon Chan

Senior UI/UX Designer

Lorenzo Chianura

Senior Software Engineer

Jay-John Ambata

Senior Software Engineer

FST Vision

To become a global leader in smart technology
solutions for Healthcare and MedTech.

The team would love to speak with you to discuss how they
can deliver the outcomes you need to succeed.

We would love to speak with you to discuss how we can deliver the outcomes you need to succeed.

Please fill in the form, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.