Healthcare Integration Services

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Organisations work with us to provide the support needed for the integration of health information from multiple sources into clinical information systems, helping all stakeholders benefit from access to more comprehensive patient information when and where it is needed for the most effective care of patients.

EHR systems are often complex and proprietary, making them difficult to integrate with. While standards for interoperability, such as HL7, FHIR and SMART, exist for newer EHR systems, these standards still allow proprietary elements to be included, making it difficult for third parties to work with them. It takes significant engineering effort to get on top of, and maintain, the different EMR integrations.

We understand that diverting resources to non-core engineering efforts is an expensive distraction for your business. We want to help you concentrate on your core strengths, trusting us to provide the EMR and any other integrations as needed.

FHIR & HL7 Interoperability


EMR / EHR Integration

Audio, Video & Telehealth


Patient Management & Other Systems Integration