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Today we find our clients have specific Digital Health problems they are trying to solve. Often this is through a combination of unique hardware for data acquisition, IoMT software and AI software that can interpret the data and offer insights to clinicians. Other times it is a requirement to modernise while maintaining support for existing systems.

We bridge the gap for Healthtech interoperability. We have expertise in the areas of clinical data acquisition and storage, secure transmission and data interoperability. Our software solutions and services provide a frictionless path to integrate your devices into digital healthcare systems and gain a competitive advantage by achieving healthcare connectivity.

We employ up-to-date, future-proof technology standards such as FHIR, HL7 and SMART on FHIR to advise and assist in identifying, developing, providing, and maintaining solution architectures for complex systems. We work with partners like AWS, Microsoft and Google to ensure scalability, standards compliance and uninterrupted availability.

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